Automotive Repair Blog: Tips, Facts, and Fixes

Automotive Repair Blog: Tips, Facts, and Fixes


What Do Strange Car Noises & Vibrations Indicate?

What Do Strange Car Noises & Vibrations Indicate?

When your car starts to make strange noises or vibrate heavily, it’s usually never a good sign. Your vehicle is a complex working system, and when it starts to work abnormally, it’s your car’s way of telling you that something isn’t right. Certain noises can indicate specific problems depending on where they are coming from. Vibrations can stem from a number of different areas, such as a brake system or suspension system problem. As soon as you notice something off with your vehicle, give the experts a call here at Pro Auto Care in Denver, CO. Our ASE certified technicians are experienced with all makes and models of vehicles and will quickly determine the source of the problem to get you back on the road safely.  Some common noises include: Squealing, screeching, or grinding when you brake Sputtering or rattling exhaust noises from under the car Chirping or squealing noise from under the hood Humming, growling or roaring noise when driving  Befo ... read more

What's that Smell? Common Vehicle Smells & What They Indicate

We understand that it can be concerning when you start smelling a weird scent in your vehicle, especially if that scent is of gasoline or rotten eggs. There are certain common smells that can be indicative of things, such as a needed repair or possibly cleaning. If you do smell something off, chances are its your vehicle's way of letting you know that something is wrong. Never ignore a strange smell that lingers for days, because there could be an issue wrong with your vehicle that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.  Here are some of the common car smells and what they can indicate:  If you smell something funky, try to identify where the smell is coming from. A funky or rotten smell could be coming from a hidden old food item somewhere in your car. A smell of rotten eggs, however, can actually be a sign of a catalytic converter problem that will need to be inspected as soon as possible.    If your car smells like mold or mildew, deep clean ... read more

Are You Hurting Your Vehicle Unintentionally?

Your vehicle is an investment, and it is important to protect that investment in order to save yourself money over time. Many of us don’t realize it, but there are some habits that some drivers practice every day that are actually hurting their vehicles unintentionally. Here are some things that may be damaging your vehicle that can be avoided:  Don’t forget to use your vehicle parking brake. When you put your car in park, you engage the parking pawl, which is a small metal pin that disengages the transmission’s output. The job of the parking brake is to immobilize the wheels, easing the weight that is put on this small metal pin.    Make sure your tire pressure is always correct. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) in your vehicle will let you know when your tires are low on air, however it is always a good idea to check them yourself because the TPMS could be faulty. Low tire pressure actually lowers your fuel efficiency and can put you at r ... read more

Tips for Staying Productive and Active Among COVID-19 Outbreak

Tips for Staying Productive and Active Among COVID-19 Outbreak

Here at Pro Auto Care, we understand how difficult times are among the outbreak of COVID-19. Our government has urged us all to stay home and practice social distancing to prevent the further spread of the virus and protect the health of those who are at risk for severe reactions to the virus.  Many businesses have shut their doors and many people in our community are working from home and taking care of their kids who are out of school due to school closures. Staying inside can cause the infamous "cabin fever" especially considering that we can't go to the gym, mall, or other public places to get out of the house.  What does social distancing and shelter in place orders require? Social distancing means not meeting up with friends or family that do not live in your immediate household. It also mandates against large groups and more than a certain amount of people in an area. You are also advised to keep at least 6 feet of distance between you and other pe ... read more

A Message About COVID-19 from Pro Auto Care

A Message About COVID-19 from Pro Auto Care

  Now more than ever, we understand how important a reliable vehicle is to our community. We have learned over the past few weeks that COVID-19 is spreading rapidly, which is why taking the virus seriously and working together as a community to stop further spread of the virus is vital.  Auto repair has been deemed a necessary business during this time and has been permitted to remain open. Your vehicle is so important right now, whether you still need to go to work everyday as an employee of an essential industry or just need to get to the store to retrieve food and supplies for your family. This is why our shop needs to remain open to assist when you need a vehicle repair or service amid the COVID-19 outbreak.  We want you to know that Pro Auto Care is taking the proper measures and implementing CDC recommended protocols to ensure the safety and health of our customers and employees while remaining open. This includes following guidelines sent to us from the C ... read more

Common Car Electrical Problems

Your vehicle's electrical components are vital to the drivability of your car. You need your lights to be able to see in the dark and view your dashboard. You also need your power locks and windows to lock your car and put down your windows for fresh air. Most importantly, you need your vehicle's battery and surrounding charging systems to work in harmony together to power your vehicle. So when an electrical problem occurs, it is important to have it addressed and taken care of as soon as possible.  The main parts of the electrical system are the battery, alternator, and the starter. The battery is the component that provides the electrical current to start up your vehicle. The starter will use a small amount of power from the battery to rotate the flywheel which will turn the crankshaft, moving the engine pistons. The alternator is important once your vehicle is running, because it recycles energy to keep the battery charged and the electrical sy ... read more

Why Does My Car Vibrate While Driving?

Our vehicles are designed so that our drive is smooth and any shock from the road is absorbed through the suspension system. So when you start feeling that your vehicle is vibrating while on the road, you may be alarmed. If you do notice a shaking or vibration while driving, make a mental note of when it happens. Does it happen at all times while driving, or does it only happen when you reach a certain speed, like on the highway? When it happens can tell our mechanics a lot about where the issue may be stemming from.  You may ask yourself, why does my car vibrate while driving? Here are some of the most common reasons:  A tire that is out of balance or worn down Bad wheel alignment Bad spark plugs causing engine firing issues Engine mount problems Bad shocks or struts Suspension system issues While driving with a vibrating vehicle may be something that you can tolerate, it is important to have your vehicle inspected by the professionals here at Pro Auto Care at the fir ... read more

What Does a Tune-Up Mean in Today's Time?

The term tune-up has been around for decades, and was most commonly the term used for vehicles who's engines still ran on carburetors and outdated spark plugs. Nowadays, the definition of a tune-up is better described as preventative maintenance. When you get a tune-up on your vehicle, the services performed will all depend on your car's needs and your vehicle's manufacturer recommendations.  If you're worried about the drivability or performance of your vehicle, bring your car into Pro Auto Care. These issues don't necessarily mean that you need a tune-up if you have a modern vehicle, they just mean that you need a good inspection and possible from further computer diagnostic scans. Our experts can determine what services your car may need to restore it back to its best working condition.  While the definition of a tune-up will differ from car to car, the most common services needed during one include replacing the spark plugs and performing o ... read more

Is It Important to Fix a Loose Gas Cap?

You fill up the gas in your car and notice that the cap doesn't seem to fit tightly anymore. While you may not think it is a big deal to have this fixed, the reality is that a loose or broken gas cap needs to be replaced or repaired as soon as possible.  When you drive with a loose or broken gas cap, you allow gas to evaporate. This costs you more money on gas and decreases the fuel economy of your car. It can also cause the check engine light to turn on, because your vehicle is detecting a gas "leak" through the gas tank.  How do you know if your gas cap is indeed loose? Well, it depends on the vehicle you have. You can either read the gas cap or check your vehicle's owner's manual to determine how many clicks need to be heard as you turn the cap. Some vehicles it is only one click, others require three clicks. If the gas cap is damaged or distorted in some way, this can also trigger your vehicle's on-board computer system to detect a problem. In ... read more

NYE Resolutions to Make for Your Vehicle

It’s that time of the season when we start thinking about what changes or resolutions we plan to make for the upcoming year. 2019 has ended and we all hope that 2020 will bring us health and good fortune. Many people will think about what resolutions to make such as going to the gym more often, eating healthier, and waking up earlier. These are all fantastic resolutions, but have you thought about any changes you will be making when it comes to your car?  Nobody is a perfect vehicle owner, but there are many ways in which the regular car driver can not only take better care of their vehicle but save money on car repairs in the new year. It is a great idea to think of a vehicle resolution that you can make going into 2020 that will help you protect your car investment and save you money on repairs. Here are some of our top vehicle changes to make for 2020: Try to keep your car clean and free of garbage Clean out your trunk - it will give you much better fuel efficiency Ha ... read more

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