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3 Key Tire Maintenance Tips for Fall Car Care Month

Your vehicle's tires are the foundation for safe driving, ride quality, and smooth handling. Tires are a major investment and, with proper maintenance, can have a lifespan that can withstand long road trips, wet weather, and harsh road conditions. The fall is the perfect time to give your tires a little love before it gets too cold in Denver. Checking your tires now can prevent needing to replace them soon into the future. Below are three tire maintenance tips to consider during the fall. 

Tire Pressure 

Maintaining tire pressure is pretty simple and should be included in your monthly routine. If your tires are overinflated, they'll wear faster and increase your risk of a tire blow out. In comparison, underinflated tires can become unseated due to harsh vehicle maneuvers causing a lack of control. Underinflated tires also wear out quickly, causing more stops for repairs. The tire pressure is located in your vehicle's user manual or inside the door jam on the driver's door. A quick visit to the gas station will allow you to check your tire pressure and fill them up if needed. 

Tire Alignment

A tire alignment keeps all of your tires driving in the same direction. Driving over speed bumps and potholes can knock your tires out of alignment. This is equivalent to your feet walking in two different directions. This fall would be the perfect time to have the alignment inspected and adjusted before winter to ensure they're at their best. 

Tire Balance 

A tire balance service allows a professional technician to check the weight distribution of your tires. If the tires are unbalanced, small lead weights may be added to the rim to disperse the weight evenly. A tire balance prevents the tires from vibrating and improves the quality of the drive. 

Tire maintenance and service in Denver, CO, and Littleton, CO. 

Fall is Car Care Month, the perfect opportunity to give your tires some additional attention. Regular tire maintenance can increase the lifespan of your tires and boost fuel efficiency. If your vehicle has excessive vibrating, uneven tire tread, or consistently low tire pressure, bring your car to your trusted experts at Pro Auto Care. We have two shops filled with ASE Certified mechanics open from 7:00 am - 5:00 pm.

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