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5 Reasons Why Your Car is Pulling in One Direction

You may be concerned if you start veering to one side when you're driving straight. The first thing to remember is not to panic. While it isn't a common symptom to experience, you aren't the first person to experience this issue. If you can't drive straight in your car, it usually means that you're experiencing one of these five issues:

Uneven Tire Pressure

Uneven tire pressure can often cause your car to pull, and it is a simple problem to fix. When your tire pressure is too low or high, it can cause the height of your vehicle to shift. However, if you continue to have deflation issues, you may have a bigger problem at hand.

Misaligned Wheels

One of the most common explanations for a car pulling off to the side is misaligned wheels. In addition to this symptom, you may also notice a crooked steering wheel. Thankfully, a professional mechanic can correct this problem with proper wheel alignment. You'll want to have this done ASAP to avoid premature tire wear.

Brake Problems

If the pulling only takes place when you brake, it could be a side of a damaged brake hose or sticky calipers. We advise you to come in for a thorough brake inspection to be sure.

Bad Wheel Bearings

Whenever wheel bearings wear out, your car will exhibit some other symptoms before it starts to pull. You might notice a shaky steering wheel and grinding noises. It is considered very unsafe to drive with worn wheel bearings.

Worn Suspension

If your tires or brakes don't seem to be the issue, the next area to check is the suspension. Worn shocks and struts can sometimes cause your vehicle to pull to one side.


Comprehensive inspections are vital to correcting minor problems before they become major ones. If your car veers to one side and is putting your safety at risk, please bring it to Pro Auto Care for repairs today.