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5 Safety Tips for Tailgates

While most people know it is the fall season, it is also the football season. Whether you’re traveling near or far to support your favorite sports team, we want you to be safe along your journey. With many family and friends gathering together to share their love of football, there are certain precautions you should take before entering and exiting the sporting arena. 

Be Wary of the Large Crowds

Whether it is a high-school, college, or professional-level game, there are going to be large crowds. It can be overwhelming, but it is important for you (the driver) to stay completely focused on the road. Watch out for pedestrians roaming around, even in places where they shouldn’t be. 

Handle Food Safely

It wouldn’t be an official tailgate without the delicious food! However, it is important that you properly handle the food. For example, keep foods separated, especially raw meat. More importantly, if you’re cooking on-site, make sure meat and poultry are cooked to their safe internal temperatures. And lastly, don’t leave food sitting out for more than 2 hours. 

Avoid Grilling Near Vehicles

Speaking of food, are you planning on bringing a grill? If so, please make sure you understand all the manufacturer's safety instructions. Don’t grill too close to vehicles, as that could be a major fire hazard. This includes lighter fluid too. And don’t have children too close to the grills either. 

Never Drink and Drive

Most people tend to have a drink or two during a football celebration. Just be sure to monitor how much you and your friends and family drink. And more importantly, make sure there is a designated driver (DD) who is sober to drive on the way home. Nothing is worse than drinking and driving.

Clean Up Before Going Home

Once all the fun is done, be sure to clean up your tailgating area. Pack up all your belongings safely. Remove cans, bottles, and other items that your car could potentially run over. When exiting, be cautious of trash and items on the road. And drive slowly.


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