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A Brake Flush Offers Major Benefits


Changing the brake pads isn't the only maintenance task that prolongs their lifespan. Brake flushes are just as significant as any other preventative services. During a brake flush service, all the dirty brake fluid is removed from the brake lines. The dirty brake fluid is replaced with clean fluid to maintain proper traction control and anti-lock brakes' health. Below are three reasons why you should schedule a brake flush during your next service. 

Brake fluid degrades over time.

Over time, brake fluid will become contaminated with pollutants that can cause its boiling point to decrease. This will cause a major decrease in performance that you may notice over time. In severe cases, the brakes can fail to stop or your vehicle altogether. 

Dirty brake fluid attracts moisture and air.

Air can become trapped inside the brake pedal. Trapped air will cause your brake pedal to feel spongy and to sink to the floor. Anti-lock braking and traction control can also suffer. 

It extends the life of the brake system.

A brake flush removes all of the bits of metal, dirt, and rubber collected in the fluid that makes it inoperable. Brake fluid should be clear, light, and the consistency of vegetable oil. Pop the hood and check the quality fluid. If your brake fluid looks dark or gritty, it's time for a change.   

Brake flush in Denver, CO 

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