Automotive Repair Blog: Tips, Facts, and Fixes

Automotive Repair Blog: Tips, Facts, and Fixes

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NYE Resolutions to Make for Your Vehicle

It’s that time of the season when we start thinking about what changes or resolutions we plan to make for the upcoming year. 2019 has ended and we all hope that 2020 will bring us health and good fortune. Many people will think about what resolutions to make such as going to the gym more often, eating healthier, and waking up earlier. These are all fantastic resolutions, but have you thought about any changes you will be making when it comes to your car?  Nobody is a perfect vehicle owner, but there are many ways in which the regular car driver can not only take better care of their vehicle but save money on car repairs in the new year. It is a great idea to think of a vehicle resolution that you can make going into 2020 that will help you protect your car investment and save you money on repairs. Here are some of our top vehicle changes to make for 2020: Try to keep your car clean and free of garbage Clean out your trunk - it will give you much better fuel efficiency Ha ... read more

Drive Safe this New Year's Eve!

It’s time to ring in the New Year, celebrating that another year has passed and hoping that the New Year will bring us all good health and fortune. Many people will be out celebrating the holiday with their loved ones, which is why it is so important to remember to stay safe tonight wherever you plan to be.  If you are planning on driving to a destination tonight to celebrate, be sure to remember the following safety tips which will protect your safety and the safety of others on the road:  NEVER drink and drive. If you are planning on partaking, we suggest not driving at all and getting a ride share or taxi sorted to get you where you need to be. If you do drive to a friends house and partake in drinking, ask to spend the night until morning when you will be safe to drive home. When you drink and drive, you risk taking your own life and the lives of others.  You may want to leave early to get to your destination to avoid heavy traffic in populated areas.  ... read more

Tips for Winter Traveling

Winter time brings many fun activities and opportunities for vacations, including snowboarding and skiing getaways, snow tubing, and sight-seeing. If you’re planning on visiting a colder place for fun winter activities, you may be wondering how to properly prepare for your winter vacation. Here are some tips on how to make sure that you will be prepared for your winter vacation!  Get the right attire for where you are traveling. If you will be having fun in the snow, proper attire is going to be necessary to keep you safe and warm while traveling. In the freezing cold, a winter coat, hat, gloves, scarf, long pants, and water resistant boots will be needed. You may also need to dress in multiple layers depending on the temperature of your destination.    Check the weather forecast days in advance. The best way to prepare for a winter vacation is to check the weather forecast days in advance to be sure that you understand what weather to expect and what you will n ... read more

Happy Thanksgiving from Pro Auto Care!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Pro Auto Care! We hope that you had a wonderful holiday with friends and family. With all the holidays comes lots of travel, so if you are planning a road trip in the near future, we recommend that you check off some important travel measures before you hit the road.  Be sure to have your vehicle inspected by the experts here at Pro Auto Care before you hit the road. You never want to be caught in a situation where you are stuck without a working vehicle, so guaranteeing that your vehicle is ready for any road trip will keep your family safe and bring you peace of mind on the road.    Pack ample blankets and coats for the road to keep warm if you’re traveling in the cold this winter.    Have an emergency kit on hand in your trunk to help out in cases of emergencies. Some things to make sure you have with you include a spare tire, jack, wrench, flashlight, flares, cell phone charger, and first aid kit.&nb ... read more

Signs You are Due for a Wheel Alignment

Having your wheels aligned properly is important to both the overall drivability of your vehicle and the safety of your car. The correct wheel alignment will ensure that you can properly control your car and will protect the overall integrity of the tires, suspension system, and more.  What is a wheel alignment? A wheel alignment consists of adjusting the angles of your vehicle’s tires to manufacturer specifications so that your car essentially drives straight. When your wheels aren't aligned right, certain tires can start to wear down excessively and unevenly. It can also cause damage to steering and suspension components, depending on how servery your wheels are unaligned.  Your vehicle's manufacturer will typically provide a recommendation for how often your car needs a wheel alignment, however it usually is around every 6,000 miles or once a year or two. Hitting potholes, debris, curbs, or getting into minor accidents can also cause you to lose w ... read more

What Do I Do if My Car Breaks Down?

Many of us never want to find ourselves in the situation of a car breakdown. It seems to always happen at the worst time and can be very stressful if it ends up happening on a highway. We understand that this situation can be scary, but understand what steps to take and how to best handle the situation can help you stay safe and get your car fixed as soon as possible.  The first thing you need to do is try to get your vehicle over to the side of the road safely or out of traffic. A car breakdown can put you at risk for car accidents if you are in a dangerous spot, so understanding your surroundings is important. Here are some helpful tips on what to do if you car breaks down:  Turn on your emergency lights. This will indicate to other drivers on the road that something is wrong and will allow others to take precaution when driving around your vehicle.    If you feel your car breaking down, get over to the side of the road in a safe area as soon as pos ... read more

What to Inspect Before A Long Car Trip

If you're planning a long car journey any time soon, one thing you should put at the top of your planning list is a vehicle inspection and service. Long drives can take a toll on our vehicles, and if your car is due for service, getting that taken care of before hitting the road is vital when it comes to avoiding vehicle breakdowns and issues along the way.  At Pro Auto Care, we can assist with making sure that your car is all set for the long journey and is up to date will all important services. Be sure to have an inspection completed at least a week before your planned trip, just in case you do need a repair completed before you hit the road. Here are some things to have inspected before a long car trip: All fluids and motor oil Belts & hoses Brake system Cooling system Steering & suspension Alignment Tires Exterior lights A/C/heating So before you head out on your next road trip, be sure to stop by the professionals here at Pro Auto Care for professional ... read more

What Causes Squeaking Noises While Pressing the Brakes?

If you notice that your brakes are squeaking or squealing when you press down on the pedal, you may want to have your vehicle inspected as soon as possible. Brake squealing is common and can be caused by a number of different conditions, including worn down brake pads, warped rotors, glazed brake pads, and more.  If you do suspect an issue with your brakes, the experts here at Pro Auto Care have got you covered. Any brake issue should be inspected as soon as possible, just in case the problem is severe. You never want to be stuck with faulty brakes on the road, so being proactive and getting any brake issues taken care of when they occur is important.  Some common brake problems include:  Brake warning is on Squealing, squeaking or grinding noises Vibrating when braking Leaking underneath vehicle Spongy brake pedal Car pulls to one side while braking Burning smell after braking Bouncing excessively after stopping If you're experiencing any of ... read more

Best Local Road Trips Out Of Denver

Best Local Road Trips Out Of Denver

August is a great time for a road trip out of Denver. While there’s plenty of fabulous activities right here in town, it can be nice to hit the road and see what else this fabulous state has to offer. This can be a pretty hot time of the year, so make sure your air conditioner is working well and that you have all the accouterments you need to keep your cell phone and GPS going strong.  If you're looking to stay semi-close, consider heading down to Colorado Springs for a day or two. The Garden of the Gods is spectacular and wonderful for hiking or simply sitting in awe. Pikes Peak is waiting for your sturdy hiking boots, but make sure you hydrate like crazy and watch for signs of altitude sickness. Nothing spoils a road trip like a trip to the ER. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo might surprise you with all the animals it has to offer. There’s so much more to do and see in Colorado Springs, but this should get you started here. Head on up to Fort Collins for a brewery tour ... read more



How to Change a Tire While Traveling with Kiddos

Traveling with kiddos is a great way for you to create memories with them and for them to make their own inside jokes and memories with each other. It’s easy to travel with kids fun until suddenly you get a flat tire. Kids are always so curious and will want to get out and see what happened while asking you a million questions. Prepare for any situation by following these tips and tricks for dealing with emergencies while traveling with kids.  When you first start to feel the tugging and pulling of your tire going out to try your best not to panic. Panicking will only strike fear in the kids and often followed by crying. Say something indicating you just need to pull over to the side of the road real quick in a calm voice.  Make sure to pull over into a safe spot so your kids won’t be in danger if they try to get out of the car, avoid the median of the road. If your roadside assistance isn’t handy before you get into your car put it in a place that is easi ... read more


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