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Keeping The Women We Care About Safe on the Road

Keeping The Women We Care About Safe on the Road

In the insurance industry, women are known as the "safer" driver and less likely to be in a car accident. Unfortunately, women drivers are also known for being more vulnerable by a majority of criminals. Women are more likely to be victims of crimes like hijacking, sexual assault, and worse. It's important to keep the women we care about safe both on and off the road. No matter what gender you are you should always take precautions when driving to ensure top safety for yourself and others.  As a driver, you should always be prepared for any situation that might occur while driving. To start, you should have a well-maintained car to avoid breakdowns or blown tires. To reduce your risk of being a damsel in distress, learn how to perform basic maintenance, so you don't have to ask a stranger for help. This could be learning how to change a tire, jump-starting a battery, or changing the windshield wiper blades. If you are going on a long trip make sure to stop in yo ... read more