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Winter Is Here! Make Sure Your Tires Are Ready

Winter Is Here! Make Sure Your Tires Are Ready

This winter has the potential to be a nasty one and the entire team at Pro Auto Care in Denver and Littleton don’t want you to end up like the person in the photo… unless you are out on a beautiful snowy sunrise walk by choice! There’s a lot you can do to avoid getting stranded and plenty to help keep you safe and warm if you do. We’ll vote for the former, however. Ways to keep you safely moving down the roads of Denver, Littleton, and well beyond: Tires: make sure they are in the best condition possible, properly inflated, and have chains at the ready just in case. When your tires aren’t properly inflated, they don’t hug the road they way they should. And if the tread is too low or gone, then not only do they not stick to the road, they don’t direct excess water, snow, or ice away from the tire causing you to lose control. If you do lose control, don’t hit the brakes but take your foot off the gas and downshift. Don’t panic. St ... read more