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How to Change a Tire While Traveling with Kiddos

Traveling with kiddos is a great way for you to create memories with them and for them to make their own inside jokes and memories with each other. It’s easy to travel with kids fun until suddenly you get a flat tire. Kids are always so curious and will want to get out and see what happened while asking you a million questions. Prepare for any situation by following these tips and tricks for dealing with emergencies while traveling with kids.  When you first start to feel the tugging and pulling of your tire going out to try your best not to panic. Panicking will only strike fear in the kids and often followed by crying. Say something indicating you just need to pull over to the side of the road real quick in a calm voice.  Make sure to pull over into a safe spot so your kids won’t be in danger if they try to get out of the car, avoid the median of the road. If your roadside assistance isn’t handy before you get into your car put it in a place that is easi ... read more