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How Does Heat Affect Our Vehicle

 How Does Heat Affect Our Vehicle

Colorado is a semi-arid to very arid state. It’s a fact we often don’t pay too much attention to other than when our skin is begging for lotion, or our lips are in desperate need of some Burt’s Bees. We certainly rarely think of how it affects our vehicles unless we are faced with the problems it’s caused. Did you know that the heat we experience in summer can cause all kinds of damage to our automobiles? From increased wear on our tires to generally drying out all sorts of parts we rarely consider, the dry heat we experience in Denver takes its toll on us and our cars. The rubber in our tires can dry out and crack if not properly inflated. Watch all of your fluids as they tend to go faster in the hotter months. Your battery needs more water to keep it fresh during these hot months. Gas evaporates quicker in the heat too. Keep it in the shade as much as you are able. Keep up with your oil changes over the summer also since the heat acts differently on your oil d ... read more