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Benefits of Filling Your Tires With Nitrogen

You're probably familiar with filling your tires up with good ol air, but what about nitrogen? There has been an increasing trend in adding nitrogen to your tires as it can improve the tire's lifespan, fuel mileage, and more. Unfortunately, nitrogen costs a little bit extra than air (which is often free). So is it worth the splurge?


Benefits of Nitrogen-Filled Tires

  • Lower risk of oxidation - When you add nitrogen to your tires, they are at a lower risk of oxidation. Oxidation is prone to happen with oxygen and the rubber on your tires. 
  • Slower air loss - Tires naturally leak air over time; it is simply a matter of fact. However, nitrogen-filled tires lose air at a slower pace than air-filled ones. So if you're looking for consistency, nitrogen tires are the best option.
  • Better fuel mileage - With proper tire pressure means better gas mileage, no matter air or nitrogen. You're likely to achieve higher mileage since nitrogen can maintain its psi better than air.

While nitrogen does have several more advantages than air, the differences aren't drastic. If you're willing to pay a little more for the additional benefits, you should go for it. However, regular tire inspections and maintenance services are the surest way to keep them in great shape. If you need any tire service, feel free to call or visit Pro Auto Care in Denver, CO and Littleton, CO.