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Common Reasons Your Vehicle is Overheating

Summer isn't the only time you can expect your car to overheat. An engine running scorching temperatures can happen during any season. If your vehicle is overheating, the engine is alerting you that it's time for immediate professional attention. Unusually hot temperatures can lead to severe engine damage, such as a blown head gasket that can leave your vehicle useless. Your engine unexpectedly overheating can leave drivers baffled. Below are five common reasons your car may be overheating. 

Low Coolant
If your coolant levels are low, the engine will overheat. A cost-effective way to solve this is to top your coolant off with extra fluid. Check your vehicle's owner's manual to ensure you use the correct coolant for your specific vehicle. Using the wrong coolant can cause more damage, leaving the engine to overheat once again. If your coolant levels are always low and you notice coolant beneath your vehicle, you may leak. Don't wait to have the leak fixed because neglect can leave your pockets hurting from additional expensive repairs. 

Water Pump Damage
The water pump circulates coolant through the radiator and engine. If there's a leak within the water pump, the coolant will not cool the engine's hot moving parts. The engine will eventually overheat. 

Clogged Radiator
When was the last time your vehicle's radiator was flushed? Over time, radiator fluid can become contaminated and polluted. Sludge can build up inside the radiator rendering it ineffective. If sludge has clogged the radiator, the engine can overwork and eventually overheat. 

Broken Radiator Fan
The radiator fan blows air across the radiator to decrease the temperature of the coolant. If the fan is jammed, the coolant's temperature will not be reduced, and the engine will overheat.

Bad Thermostat
The thermostat ensures the coolant can pass through to the radiator. If the thermostat gets stuck in the closed position, the coolant can't pass through, resulting in overheating. 

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