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Getting Your Vehicle Ready For Summer Driving

You’ve cleaned out your car, throwing away all the accumulated and random receipts, food wrappers, and stale bits of food. The car is vacuumed, washed, and even waxed. You put so much effort into making it look good, but don’t forget what’s even more important than your car’s fashion sense: everything else! As we head into summer, the sun in the mile-high city becomes harsh and it’s important that we prepare accordingly. 

Your car is clean but don’t forget about your tires and brakes. When was your last oil change? It’s time to bring your vehicle into the pros at Pro Auto Care in Denver and Littleton to give it the attention it deserves. We will check fluids, all lighting, brakes, and more to ensure that your car is summer-worthy. Some of the checks you can do on your own, but if you see, hear or smell something off then bring it into our talented team of well-trained auto mechanics. 

Take a moment and run your AC to listen for odd noises and check for odd smells too! You’ll want this system up and running at its best in the upcoming months. It might be time for an AC system cleaning or parts might need to be replaced. 

When you pop the hood, make sure it’s when the engine is cool so you don’t get hurt. Look for corrosion on your battery and if it’s not too severe, just take a toothbrush and clean with baking soda and water paste. If there’s a lot of corrosion or it quickly returns, have it checked out. 

Take a look at your other fluids too: oil, brake, coolant, and any other ones you can easily reach. Top them off, but keep an eye out for leaks or excessive fluid “disappearance” as that can be a sign of a leak or that the engine is burning up some of those critical fluids. 

The number one reason for a vehicle breakdown is overheating. You can prevent the likelihood of that happening to you by checking your fluids regularly, flushing your coolant every 2 years or so, and by providing the right preventative maintenance on a consistent basis.  

Don’t forget your tires and brakes! Definitely time to remove those winter tires and save them for when you need them most. Check your tire pressure when it's coolest to ensure they are properly inflated. This will help you keep control of your car while driving and can also help you get the best possible gas mileage. Check your owner’s manual for the proper air pressure for your vehicle.

The highly skilled team at Pro Auto Care genuinely care about you and your safety, and we will do our best to keep you safe on the roads of Denver, Littleton, and the surrounding areas. If you haven’t already, come check us out at either of our locations: 2030 S. Dahlia Street, Denver, CO 80222 and 2753 W. Church Ave., Littleton, CO 80120 both Mon - Fri: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Make your appointment today!