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Car Insurance Quote

Owning a vehicle isn’t cheap. Purchasing a vehicle or starting a new car lease is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s also gas, regular maintenance, and car insurance to think about. And if there’s one thing that can significantly jack up your monthly payments, it’s getting a not-so-great rate on your car insurance.

Here’s how to make sure that doesn’t happen.

1. Figure out What Type of Coverage you Need.

Many people opt solely for liability coverage, which covers you if you’re at fault for an accident. Some situations, however, require that you have full coverage – which is more expensive. For instance, if you’re leasing a car or if you’re required to take out an additional warranty on your vehicle, you’re probably going to be required to have full coverage on your vehicle for the duration that you lease it or have the warranty.

Once you know what type of insurance coverage you need, you can move on to the next step.

2. Check for Discount Programs

Most car insurance providers offer discounts for participating in different programs. For instance, many insurers will offer teen drivers a discount after they complete a driver’s education course or defensive driving class. Other companies will provide a device that plugs into your car to gauge how good of a driver you are based on how fast you drive, how quickly you take turns, and other factors. If you meet the insurer’s requirements for safe driving after a few months, they’ll generally lower your monthly insurance rate. Check with each insurance company to find out what types of discount programs they offer and which ones you can take advantage of to get a great rate.

3. Use a Tool to Comparison Shop

Once you know what type of insurance coverage you need and which companies offer discount programs that you can use to lower your overall rate, it’s time to narrow down the search by comparison shopping. Tools like Esurance and Quote Wizard make it easy to get multiple quotes from different insurers so you can see who is offering you the best deal.

What are your tips for getting a great rate on auto insurance? Let us know in the comments!