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How Can I Keep My Vehicle Maintained During the Summer?


The summer season is the perfect time of the year to take a road trip or spend a day at your favorite place. With the increase in the use of our vehicles, understanding how we can best maintain our cars throughout the season is important. The summer months can take a toll on our vehicles, both due to the weather and the increase in use. When fall comes around, you want to be able to still have a reliable vehicle. This is why taking good care of your car during the summer can go along way, and save you money on repairs and services in a few months. 

So, what are some of the ways that you can help keep your vehicle well-maintained throughout the summer? Here are some of our top summer car maintenance tips and how they can help you keep your car reliable: 

  • Park in shaded areas or out of the sun when possible. Parking under the sun for extended periods of time can cause paint fade and a super hot interior. Parking in the shade is the best way to protect both the exterior and interior of your car and is great for comfort reasons as well. Have you ever gotten into a hot car with leather seats? Exactly. 
  • Have your fluids inspected here at Pro Auto Care. Extreme heat can lead to fluids breaking down quicker, which can cause issues with certain systems. Make sure that you are on-time with your oil change and have all other important fluids checked such as brake fluid, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid. If any fluids are low, we can take care of that. It will save you a ton of money on the repairs that can be needed when damage is done caused by low fluid in these systems. 
  • Test your vehicle's battery for charge. A dead battery is common during the summer, mostly due to corrosion increase and the evaporation of battery fluids. A quick test can verify that your battery will last you throughout the season and if not, you can replace it before you find yourself stranded. 
  • Pay attention to your engine's temperature gauge. If the gauge is high and it looks to be running hot while on the road, pull over and let the engine cool down. Then get your vehicle into Pro Auto Care for an inspection. Engine overheating is common in the summer as well and can lead to severe engine damage if ignored. 
  • Have your car inspected before leaving for any road trips. Car trouble on a road trip just flat-out sucks, and our experts can verify that your car is good to go. If not, we can take care of anything your vehicle needs to ensure that you'll be safe along your journey. 
  • With the increase of cars on the road, try to practice safe driving habits and avoid slamming on your brakes constantly. Stop and go traffic can put a toll on your brake pads, and cost you new brake pad sooner than expected. Leaving plenty of room between you and the car in front of you and just driving safer overall can make a difference in the condition of your vehicle's vital systems. 

These are just some of the maintenance tips to remember this summer to ensure that you have a reliable vehicle, however you're spending your warm days. If your vehicle needs any attention, such as a maintenance item listed above or a repair, know that you can count on the experts here at Pro Auto Care. Give us a call or stop by our shop today!