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How to Tell If You Have a Bad Alternator in Your Lexus

A car's alternator is very vital in keeping the car's electrical accessories working. Often, the battery receives a lot of credit for powering the car. Still, it should be the alternator that receives the most credit because, apart from recharging the battery, it keeps electrical accessories like windscreen wipers and power winders functional while you drive your Lexus. Therefore, a faulty alternator is a prerequisite of trouble because it will eventually leave you stranded over a flat battery or dim your headlights while driving at night. Should you be driving a car whose alternator you suspect is faulty, the following telltale signs are symptoms of a car's faulty alternator:

Failing electrical features

Since a car's alternator powers electronic accessories while you drive it, its failure will result in subsequent failure in the accessories. You will begin to notice issues like dimming headlights or flickering dashboard lights. Other vehicle's electrical accessories like windshield wipers, power seat adjustments, and power windows will start operating slower than usual.

Battery Light On

Just like ordinary On-Board Diagnostics (OBD), the lights on your Lexus's dashboard are indicators of troubles in your car. The battery-shaped light, ALT, or GEN letters on your dashboard could indicate failure in your Lexus's electrical system or the alternator.

Whining Sound

A car's alternator has tiny bearings that ensure the rotor's shaft gets sufficient energy from the pulley connected to the engine. However, with time the bearings will begin to wear off and malfunction. Worn bearing in the alternator will produce whining sounds that are perfect indicators of a faulty alternator.

Weak battery

The role of a car's alternator is to charge the car's battery. However, when the alternator doesn't work effectively, it won't be optimal for recharging your car battery. An occasional subsequent flat car battery is, therefore, an indicator that your car's alternator is faulty, and you should schedule a visit to the mechanic immediately.

Do not let faulty alternators put you at the risk of being stranded. Ensure your vehicle's electrical system is optimal for a memorable weekend cruise with family and friends. If you need alternator repair, we invite you to bring your Lexus to Pro Auto Care today!