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As the summer begins to wind down and school starts to take precedence, our days become less focused on protecting ourselves from the sun and more focused on school supplies, class schedules, and departures. Whether you’re a college student who’s driving to school for the first time or you’re a parent who will need to factor in extra trips for kids’ school attendance and activities, your to-do list will likely be pretty full until winter break! When making those lists, it can be easy to overlook the transportation you need to make sure everything gets done without any unforeseen breakdowns…and you definitely don’t want a breakdown to happen in the middle of the chaos.

Preventative maintenance
It’s always more useful and cost effective to set up a schedule for preventative maintenance on your car, but it becomes extremely beneficial when your schedule fills up with daily imperatives like exams, projects, recitals, and other school events. Reacting to issues that arise unexpectedly can disrupt an otherwise meticulously organized schedule. Planning preventative maintenance could be the difference between missing your daughter’s recital or being able to attend an important extra credit lecture on campus.

Creating a schedule also gives you the luxury of setting up appointments during extended breaks when you may have a little more free time. The worst thing is to not be able to get an appointment because everyone else waited until the last minute, too.

Check and replace oil and fluids
If you’ve taken a long road trip any time in the last few months, you may be nearing the 3,000-mile mark or 3 months that’s recommended to get an oil change. This is also a great time to have the rest of your fluids checked so you don’t have to try to remember what has been checked and what hasn’t. Choosing a memorable event like the start of school will also help you reference when your last fluid checkup was.

Make repairs and replacements as necessary
Summer is notorious for construction and potholes , which generally leads to small dents, cracked windshields, compromised suspension, or other small but important factors. If you’re driving a long distance to college, you may still run into road construction, so it’s best to have your car prepared for it. Also remember to have your brakes checked and replaced , if necessary. They naturally wear out over time, of course, and when it comes to brakes, you want to always err on the side of caution. Also keep an eye that your headlights, blinkers, and tail lights are not at risk of burning out.

Starting the school year again can be mentally exhausting before any of the actual mental work begins. Setting yourself for up success with school, whether you’re the one with your nose in your book or you’re the one responsible for keeping others’ noses in their books, can be a tough goal to achieve; it’s best to remove potential obstacles you know could affect your life. Give us a call today to get your car inspected before the unknown occurs!