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Important Areas of Your Car to Check During the Winter

The winter in Denver, CO and Littleton, CO can present many different hazards for your car rides. But sometimes you don't have a choice if you need to go to work or run errands for the family. To ensure you, your passengers, and others on the road are safe, there are certain vehicle items that you should pay attention to this season!

Windshield, Windows, and Mirrors

Before driving, please make sure all these areas are clean and clear of fogginess and ice. You'll need your defrosters to work, and you can utilize an ice scraper to get rid of the frost quicker. All these need to be clear for you to see your surroundings properly.


Not only is comfortability a factor, but your heater and defrosters come from the same place. You're going to need the defrosters to defog your car's glass surfaces.

Windshield Wipers

Speaking of visibility, you may need to freshen up your windshield wiper blades. After months of use, you should replace your wiper blades so they can clear your windshield without leaving streaks or squeaking.


Tire tread becomes increasingly important when you drive on wet or snowy grounds. You will need enough tread depth to gain proper traction on the road.


Last but certainly not least, you will need your brakes to be in tip-top shape this winter to ensure safe and efficient stops. Please replace your brake pads and top off your brake fluid when needed. 


If you need help inspecting or repairing any of the above areas, we welcome you to bring your car to Pro Auto Care. We have expert technicians who are skilled in winterizing all types of vehicles.