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Is It Important to Fix a Loose Gas Cap?

You fill up the gas in your car and notice that the cap doesn't seem to fit tightly anymore. While you may not think it is a big deal to have this fixed, the reality is that a loose or broken gas cap needs to be replaced or repaired as soon as possible. 

When you drive with a loose or broken gas cap, you allow gas to evaporate. This costs you more money on gas and decreases the fuel economy of your car. It can also cause the check engine light to turn on, because your vehicle is detecting a gas "leak" through the gas tank. 

How do you know if your gas cap is indeed loose? Well, it depends on the vehicle you have. You can either read the gas cap or check your vehicle's owner's manual to determine how many clicks need to be heard as you turn the cap. Some vehicles it is only one click, others require three clicks. If the gas cap is damaged or distorted in some way, this can also trigger your vehicle's on-board computer system to detect a problem.

In order to determine if this is the cause of a check engine light, bring your vehicle into the experts here at Pro Auto Care. Expert computer diagnostics are required to scan your vehicle's computer system which will give us a special EVAP leak code if the problem is with the gas cap. If it is, luckily this is a very easy repair. 

Don't cost yourself more money on gas than you need to - help your vehicle run at its best by fixing your loose or damage gas cap today. Give us a call or stop by Pro Auto Care for assistance!