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Is Your Vehicle Showing Signs of a Leak?

Vehicles and trucks use multiple types of fluids to ensure peak performance, and each fluid plays a specific role to ensure the smooth running of your car. For instance, engine oils lubricate the engine, transmission fluids lubricate and help in the transmissions, brake fluid is essential for the optimal functioning of the brake system, washer fluids clean the windshield, and gasoline runs the engine.

Leaking fluid is evidence that there is a problem with your vehicle, and it needs urgent mechanical attention and repairs. Any auto fluid can leak, causing environmental pollution, and the technicians in an auto repair shop can identify them according to their color, odor, or texture. Therefore, you may know that your car is leaking through observing different colors and odors of fluids under your vehicle that includes:

Light brown fluid
When you notice a light brown color around the puddle, tire, or under the master brake cylinder, it is probable that the brake fluid is leaking and needs prompt repairs. The leakage of the brake fluid is an indicator that there is a problem with the braking system. Components such as pedals, the master brake cylinder, tubes, and calipers may have undergone wear and tear, leading to the leakage of the brake fluid. The leakage can hinder the smooth running of your vehicle's engine. Getting it fixed immediately will guarantee a safe trip to your home or workplace.

Reddish-brown liquid
If you see a reddish, brownish, or reddish-brown liquid under your car, it is the transmission fluid leaking. It's an alarming concern that requires immediate repairs to avoid your vehicle from losing power, and it can cause an accident if the car is moving. Driving the car to our auto repair shop as soon as possible for immediate repairs will prevent expensive repairs and damages.

Brown Leakage
The engine oil is a brown-colored fluid and you can notice it in your parking space after moving your vehicle. The leakage can also be a pool of black oil, and it has a burning smell when you turn on your engine. If you notice such incidents, you should bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop for inspections and repairs earlier to prevent costly repairs and accidents in the future.

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