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Keeping The Women We Care About Safe on the Road

In the insurance industry, women are known as the "safer" driver and less likely to be in a car accident. Unfortunately, women drivers are also known for being more vulnerable by a majority of criminals. Women are more likely to be victims of crimes like hijacking, sexual assault, and worse. It's important to keep the women we care about safe both on and off the road. No matter what gender you are you should always take precautions when driving to ensure top safety for yourself and others. 

As a driver, you should always be prepared for any situation that might occur while driving. To start, you should have a well-maintained car to avoid breakdowns or blown tires. To reduce your risk of being a damsel in distress, learn how to perform basic maintenance, so you don't have to ask a stranger for help. This could be learning how to change a tire, jump-starting a battery, or changing the windshield wiper blades. If you are going on a long trip make sure to stop in your local automotive shop for a safety check and to get any issues fixed. While driving, do your best to fill up your tank before the low gas warning light comes on. You don't want to be stranded because you ran out of gas. 

If you are going on a trip make sure to plan the route you are going to take and pre-book the places you're going to stay, especially if you are driving solo. It's best to avoid driving after dark in areas you're unfamiliar with as you are more likely to make yourself a target of criminal activity if you get lost. Charge your phone battery and keep it charged as much as you can while driving and make sure to put emergency phone numbers in your phone like roadside assistance. 
When you're on the road make sure you lock the doors, keep your valuables out of sight, and never offer a ride to a stranger. Be very cautious when you are going through a crowded intersection or streets that are full of beggars and other people selling things. Often criminals work in pairs of two; one will distract the driver while their partner robs on the opposite side. A driver can also be attacked if they are distracted by their loud music, phone, or others by using the element of surprise.

The most important piece of advice is to stay aware. If you suspect that another car is following you too close turn onto the main road and make a loop to see for sure. If you think that someone is following you it's okay to drive to the nearest police station, it's a great precaution and will scare off a potential criminal. Don't stop and get out of your car to approach them, its best to ignore them and drive to a safe spot like a police station. You can also call 911.

Also, pay attention to where you park and make sure it's a safe area. Parking lots too often have criminals who prey on vulnerable people. A secure parking area is somewhere that is well lit, in a central area, and that has safety attendants. Take a picture and remember what floor you are parked on so you can walk straight to your car, for extra precaution keep your keys in your hands ready to use. You're most vulnerable when you have to search through your bag for your keys and when you're distracted while on a phone call. If you feel unsafe walking to your car alone, ask one of the safety attendants to walk with you. Before you get in your car, look in all windows and as you approach look under the car too, look around to check for any irregularities, and immediately lock your doors when you get in. 

These are great safety recommendations and should be taken seriously. Share this with your loved ones to ensure their safety when driving and increase awareness on protecting oneself. There are criminals everywhere, even on the roads we share, take precautions and be safe.