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Pre-Purchase Inspection in Denver, Colorado

Purchasing a car is undoubtedly one of the largest financial investments that someone can make. This is one reason why it’s vital to make sure you’re getting exactly what you paid for. If you aren’t careful with your purchase, you can end up with a vehicle that’s damaged or subject to malfunction. A pre-purchase inspection is a scheduled time with an automotive expert to determine a vehicle’s actual condition and any underlying issues that may eventually need to be addressed. A pre-purchase inspection gives you the peace of mind that your new purchase isn’t a sour lemon.

What makes Pro Auto Care stand out is that we offer you a digital vehicle inspection. Our used pre-purchase inspections will include detailed images of your vehicle’s parts and any issues we find. If you decide to purchase the car, we have expert ASE certified technicians available for your routine scheduled maintenance and a 3-year warranty on any needed repairs. 

 A pre-purchase inspection at our Denver, CO automotive repair shop checks several main components such as: 

 • The Engine
Our automotive specialist checks that the engine runs smoothly. We check for any unusual odors, sounds, or leaks that may indicate an issue during the inspection. The engine’s essential systems are also checked, such as the belts/hoses, engine air filter, radiator, and cooling system. 

The Tires
The tires are checked to assess the condition they are in and their pressure levels. This is also the perfect opportunity for the mechanic to inspect the tire tread for uneven tire wear or alignment issues. 

The Brakes
It’s essential to have the brakes checked because their health will determine how well they stop or slow the vehicle. During the inspection, the brake pads and rotors are looked over to advise when you can expect a replacement. 

Essential Fluids
A vehicle relies on various fluids to clean, lubricate, and power the engine. Regularly checking the fluids is a great way to promote longevity and prevent any potential problems. We check all fluids, including the brake fluid, engine oil, wiper fluid, coolant, and more. If you’re purchasing a vehicle, these fluids should already be clean and topped off. 

ur mechanics will give your vehicle a look over to check that the headlights, brake lights, fog lights, etc. are functioning. 

This isn’t a fully comprehensive list of all items included in the pre-purchase inspection, but a quick overview of what you can expect. If there is a specific aspect of the vehicle you’d like to have checked, we’d be more than happy to customize the inspection approach to fit your needs. Buying a used car doesn’t have to be stressful. A pre-purchase inspection takes the worry out of the process and replaces it with confidence. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, or you can click here to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our trusted automotive professionals.