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Signs Your Cooling System Is Failing

Coolant Flush

The moment you turn on your ignition, your vehicle rises to an extremely high temperature. This is a significant reason why having a functional cooling system is essential. The cooling system works to maintain an engine temperature that allows it to function efficiently. It not only helps bring the engine to an adequate temperature but also removes excess heat. If the cooling system is damaged or malfunctioning, your vehicle becomes at risk of significant damage caused by overheating. Below is a list of symptoms that may indicate that your cooling system is failing: 

 Low Coolant Levels

As a part of your general vehicle maintenance, you should always make it a point to check your fluid levels regularly. While your engine is still cold, check your coolant levels in your radiator. If the coolant levels are lower than usual, make a note of it, and top it off. If you regularly notice that your coolant levels are low, it’s best to seek advice because that may indicate a leak. 

 Steam is seeping from under the hood

A major sign that your vehicle is overheating is seeing a noticeable amount of steam coming from the hood. The steam is usually due to the hot engine boiling the coolant. After immediately pulling over to allow your engine to cool down, if the problem continues, seek expert automotive advice before driving. 

High-Temperature Gauge 

Your car’s dashboard provides a lot of helpful information, one being the engine’s temperature. If you notice the temperature on the dashboard panel is steadily rising or has hit the red zone, immediately pull over and turn off the vehicle. 

There’s a coolant leak 

If there is a bright green, sweet-smelling liquid under your vehicle, you may have a coolant leak. All coolant leaks will cause your vehicle to manage the engine’s heat in a less than optimal way, resulting in overheating. 

White smoke is coming out of the exhaust

Coolant leaks can cause some of the liquid to drip into the combustion chamber. If any coolant leaks into the combustion chamber, it will burn and cause white smoke to come from the exhaust. 

It would help if you never procrastinated on any cooling system repairs. If you notice any of the above signs, please do not hesitate to seek a professional cooling system diagnostic test here in Denver at Pro Auto Repair. We are proud to service all vehicle makes and models of vehicles at our modern auto repair shop. Give us a call to request an appointment for quality auto repair in Denver, Colorado today!