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The Big 3 - Battery, Alternator, and Starter

Your car's electrical/starting system consists of the main parts: battery, alternator, and starter. These three critical components work hand in hand to start your vehicle and run its electrical features (radio, lighting, power windows, etc.). If one of them malfunctions, good luck trying to get anywhere. Here's a little more info on the big 3:

Battery: We are all familiar with the battery when we hear anything "electrical" about our car. It is a powerhouse that supplies energy to your electrical accessories. In addition, it also delivers the electrical flow required to start the engine.

Alternator: The alternator is what charges your battery every time your car is running. Without a functioning alternator, the battery would die on you all the time.

Starter: Though the battery brings power to the engine, the starter is the part that engages the engine pistons. An electrical current discharges from the battery to the starter to drive the crankshaft that starts the piston.


Car starting problems can be incredibly annoying to deal with, which is why it's better to leave it to the professionals at Pro Auto Care to deal with. Besides obviously not being able to start your car, there are various symptoms that you can experience beforehand to indicate that one of the three components have weakened:

  • The engine not cranking or starting properly
  • Corrosion present on battery wires or terminals
  • Flickering or dimming exterior and interiors lights
  • Frequent fuse blowouts
  • A burnt smell
  • The battery warning light comes up on your dashboard

If you experience any of these signs mentioned above, you should, without question, take your car to Pro Auto Care for an inspection and repairs. Our ASE-certified techs can perform a system check to pinpoint the exact area of the problem. We can also offer you the best solutions on how to go about fixing the problem. Our priority is to get you back on the road safe and sound. We welcome you to give us a call or visit today!