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If you have a wandering eye for the latest make or model, there are a few things to consider when it comes to your care – do you repair or replace?

You’ve been rolling around in your whip for quite a few years now, and with all the shiny new cars passing you on the highway, you’re starting to rethink your vehicle. If you’ve got a wandering eye for the latest make or model, there are a few things to consider – do you repair or replace?

While driving off the lot in your brand new ride is exhilarating, the new car payment will no doubt end your joy ride buzz sooner than you think. Having your car’s value depreciate the second you drive off the lot means you won’t ever get the money back that you initially invested.

So instead of putting your car up for sale, here are a few ways to keep your it running like new, which will have your wallet rejoicing.

Prestine With a Clean

Now we’re not saying to just clean out your empty Starbucks cups or old receipts stuffed into random nooks and crannies. We’re talking a DEEP clean of the entire interior and exterior. May seem like a no-brainer but shampooing your seats, vacuuming out all the crumbs under the cushions, washing the interior and exterior and waxing (wax on, wax off) the outside of your car will have it looking like a new set of wheels!

And heck, throw in a car freshener and it’s like having a new car with that new car smell! Ok, not quite, but hey – we’re living on a respectable budget!

Replace the Carpets

Dirty and stained interior carpets are an obvious way for your car to show its true age. Carpets are sadly at the mercy of weather, grease, stains, spills and just LIFE happening. Your carpets will benefit from a good at-home shampoo kit, but if you really want your car feeling brand-new, change them out. New carpet installation should run you about $250 – $400, depending on the size of your vehicle.

Refresh Your AC

If you’re noticing an unsavory smell coming out of your AC , it’s time to get it cleaned out by the professionals. Your AC unit unfortunately creates the ideal living space for mold, bacteria and mildew. If the odor is getting stronger and stronger, you need to get it fixed STAT. Getting your AC back in running order will give you a cooler, more comfortable ride, which is crucial this time of year!

New Set of Wheels

Tires, depending on weather conditions and quality, should get you about 40,000 – 60,000 miles. So for the average driver, tires should last them about three to four and a half years. Tires are an important investment into your vehicle, and making sure you’ve got the proper wheels beneath you will ensure you have a safe journey ahead. Pro Auto Care is here to help get you geared up with a new set of wheels, making your vehicle handle better for the years ahead.

Get With the Tech Times

If you have an older car, chances are you’re flying without a snazzy Bluetooth-enabled audio system or dashboard. Still hooking up with an AUX cable for your tunes, or even forbid, using a CD player (gasp)? No wonder you’re feeling like you desperately need an upgraded car. Having a new sound system installed in your car can help with the resale value of your vehicle. You can purchase a new system for as cheap as $150, with installation ranging about $80+.

Repair or Replace?

So before you make the financial investment, ask yourself: should I repair or replace? Sprucing up your older ride is a more cost-effective option and the pros at Pro Auto Care are here to help give your car a new lease on life! Call us today to get fitted out with a new set of wheels, clean out your AC unit or for general maintenance and detailing. We look forward to hearing from you soon!