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Watch Out! Road Work Ahead

As more of us are getting back into the swing of things, you may be noticing many streets and roads flooded with the infamous orange signs. Whether it’s detours, potholes, construction workers roaming about, it’s crucial to be prepared for what you might encounter. When driving in construction zones, you should be very careful maneuvering your car. How does construction affect your vehicle anyway?


Tires & Suspension

Roads that are being worked on are often left uneven, affecting parts of your automobile that are susceptible to damage. One of those areas includes your tires and suspension. It would be best if you double-check that your tires are in good shape before going for a drive. A minor leak can suddenly become a flat tire at any moment. You should also periodically verify that your tire suspension is intact. With misaligned tires, every lump in the road can make your car’s balance off. 


Chips & Dings

Small pieces of rocks and rubble are generally found in road work areas. As the traffic passes by, the debris gets thrown into the air from one vehicle to the next. Numerous complications can come about: paint chips and minor dents, but windshield dents are the most serious. While they may not always be severe, it’s always best to take preventative care as soon as possible to avoid a crack on your window or windshield from spreading.



You can find potholes almost anywhere, but they are sometimes tough to notice. The damage of a pothole is very unpredictable and often depends on the speed and impact with which it’s hit. However, if your vehicle undergoes any damage, it can deflate the tires, create fluid leaks, curve rims, or even break the exhaust system. If you believe your car was affected by a pothole, please take it to a professional for a comprehensive inspection.


While nothing but careful driving can counteract the dangers of driving in road work zones, it’s always beneficial to be reminded of what accidents can occur. If your vehicle has recently taken some damage, our expert technicians at Pro Auto Care would be delighted to take a look at your car and offer you the best solutions. Give us a call or visit today!