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Not all auto repair services are created equal, especially when some service go the extra mile to ensure their waste and materials are recycled in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Not all auto repair services are created equal, especially when some businesses go the extra mile to ensure their waste and materials are recycled in the most eco-friendly way possible. Enter, Pro Auto Care!

The Air Pollution Control Division in the State of Colorado mandates all auto repair shops operate under certain ethical practices with their chemical and hazardous waste removal. But beyond this mandate, it quickly becomes apparent that some shops look to cut expenses rather than proactively establish themselves as a steward of sustainability for the Colorado economy.

We sat down with Pro Auto Care’s head honcho, Al Oramas, to hear what it means to him to be a green garage and the value it brings to Colorado drivers and the amazing state we live in.

What does it mean to be green?

When we asked Al what it means to be green, his answer was simple, “You minimize everything that goes in the trash.” Pro Auto Care recycles a vast majority of their service waste and materials, including: air conditioner coolant, cardboard, glass, engine parts, antifreeze, waste oil and brake rotors. “To give you an idea,” Al says, “ our recycle container is almost seven yards long and we have it packed full weekly. Our trash container is only two yards, and it’s hardly ever full.”

To have recycling at the forefront of his business practice, expenses are almost doubled for the different receptacles. It’s an easy out to toss everything into the trash, but Pro Auto Care has teamed up with local recycling companies such as Waste Connection Denver and Atlas Metal & Iron Corp to help dramatically reduce their waste footprint.

What services at Pro Auto Care are green?

“Our Xpress Services,” Al explains, “are one of our more popular green services we offer. Oil changes are part of the Xpress Services that gets you in and out in no time, and we recycle the oil and filters from every oil change. We actually even use the waste oil to heat the shop!”

If you book an appointment with Pro Auto Care because there’s a funky smell coming out of your AC, our service will reclaim and recycle refrigerant removed from vehicles so it doesn’t impact the ozone layer.

When you come in for any tire change or service, all the tires are recycled. These tires are ground up and reused for playgrounds or building new roads. Between both locations, Pro Auto Care recycles about 300 tires a month, that’s 3,600 tires a year on average that are being recycled and reused! That’s enough tires to place in every on-site parking spot at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, twice!

How much environmental pollutants has Pro Auto Care eliminated in the last year?

In addition to recycling 3,600 tires a year, Pro Auto Care helps eliminate other environmental pollutants in Colorado. To break it down, recycling efforts from:

  • Oil changes typically reduce 225 gallons a week of waste oil, which means about 11,700 gallons are recycled a year! They also recycle 3,000 oil filters yearly.
  • Car repairs dealing with antifreeze, on average produce 1,500 gallons of antifreeze that is recycled every year!

Green practices meet ethical business.

The best way to protect the local environment and beyond, is in how an auto repair shop handles, recycles and disposes its hazardous liquids and materials. When you take a moment to realize the positive impact these recycling efforts have on our local economy, it places a real genuineness behind the ethics Pro Auto Care’s operates under.

For Al Oramas, providing the best services to Denver drivers it to hire the best people to deliver that service. Al said it best, “we build value in everything you do and build long lasting relationships with the people who trust you with their vehicle.”

To be a part of the green stewardship in Colorado, let Pro Auto Care help service your vehicles. Book an appointment online or stop in, and together we can continue to reduce and recycle!