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What Does a Tune-Up Mean in Today's Time?

The term tune-up has been around for decades, and was most commonly the term used for vehicles who's engines still ran on carburetors and outdated spark plugs. Nowadays, the definition of a tune-up is better described as preventative maintenance. When you get a tune-up on your vehicle, the services performed will all depend on your car's needs and your vehicle's manufacturer recommendations. 

If you're worried about the drivability or performance of your vehicle, bring your car into Pro Auto Care. These issues don't necessarily mean that you need a tune-up if you have a modern vehicle, they just mean that you need a good inspection and possible from further computer diagnostic scans. Our experts can determine what services your car may need to restore it back to its best working condition. 

While the definition of a tune-up will differ from car to car, the most common services needed during one include replacing the spark plugs and performing other adjustments to the idle speed, fuel mixture and spark timing that are necessary to maintain or restore like-new engine performance. 

On the other hand, think of a tune-up as coming into our shop for your vehicle's preventive maintenance. By following your vehicle's recommended services, you'll ensure a long lasting vehicle and help save yourself money by avoiding major repairs throughout the years. We hope you'll choose Pro Auto Care for all of your vehicle's tune-up and maintenance needs!