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What kind of maintenance do my Audi’s tires need?

Tires are as essential as other parts of your vehicle and require periodic maintenance to ensure they perform at their peak throughout to avoid sudden breakdowns. They are susceptible to wear down due to the constant contact with the road.

So, to reduce the chances of a sudden puncture of your tires when you are driving your Audi at high speed, risking an accident, maintenance is a requirement that you should not overlook.

Regular tune-ups of your Audi tires prolong their longevity and save you from frequent trips to the mechanic. The following are some maintenance processes your tires need for your car to run for longer without issues.

Air Pressure

First, monthly tire pressure checks of your tires are vital because under-inflated tires reduce their life expectancy. The inflated tires also increase the risk of a deadly blowout. Avoiding the inflation of the tires requires you to check the air pressure using a tire pressure gauge every morning before driving to work and taking your kids to school.

Fortunately, some vehicles have inbuilt tire pressure monitoring systems that also need frequent serving to give you the correct pressure levels. If the pressure seems to be diminishing, your first stop should be a reliable Audi repair or service shop to ensure the air pressure in your tires is adequate for a seamless drive experience.

Tire rotation

Another maintenance process that is vital in preventing tires from wear and tear is tire rotation. It helps avert dangerous accelerated tire wear that might lead to an accident on the road and can be expensive to fix.

A qualified and professional automotive repair service professional removes all the wheels in your care for a tire rotation after every other oil change.

Checking Tire Tread Depth

Another vital maintenance need for your tires is inspecting the tread of your wheels to know their ability to grip the road for adequate control.

The hired professional uses the quarter test to check the grip-ability of the wheels to see if they are visible and recommends a replacement of the tires as soon as possible because the wear down makes it hard for the tires to grip the road.

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