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What To Keep In Your Vehicle for Road Trips

Before hitting the road this summer, it is important that you have several things straightened out. Automobile breakdowns and mishaps occur far too often during the summer, and we don't want them happening to you. If you want your car running optimally for your long drive, we suggest having an inspection performed. Plus, you can bring the following items along to make you feel better prepared.


Important Documents - There's some paperwork involved when it comes to driving. You should always have your car owner's manual, license, insurance information, and other essential documentation on hand in case of emergencies. Store these in a safe and dry spot, like the glove compartment, so you have easy access to them.

Emergency Car Kit - As we have emphasized, emergencies can happen. Always keep extra phone chargers, flashlights, first aid kit, extra car fluids, light sticks, tire pressure gauge, tire-changing supplies, and jumper cables on hand. You may also need to bring water and non-perishable snacks so that you and your passengers can stay comfortable and hydrated. 


Once you've gathered all these essential items, it's time to load up the car! You'll have peace of mind that you're fully prepared for the open road. At our auto repair shop, road safety is always our priority. Before heading out of town, we strongly advise visiting Pro Auto Care for a pre-trip inspection. Tires, batteries, brakes, and A/C are several of the primary components we will check. Please give us a call or visit soon.