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Why Does My Brake Pedal Feel Spongy in My Subaru?

Your Subaru’s braking system has many components that help you slow down or come to a complete stop. Without your brakes, it would be incredibly unsafe to drive your Subaru. One common brake problem for Subaru drivers is spongy or mushy brake pedals. Read on to learn more about what could be causing this problem.

Compromised Brake Fluid Lines

If you know a thing or two about brake systems, you probably know that moisture and air are its worst enemy. When your brake lines are compromised, your brake pedals may feel soft. If you leave your brake lines for too long, it can develop rust and leak.

Low or Contaminated Brake Fluid

The brake fluid in your car also needs to be in good condition for your brakes to work. The liquid is necessary to create the pressure to stop your vehicle. When this solution is dirty or leaking, your brakes will not function properly. 

Worn Cylinder

The master cylinder is responsible for dispersing the pressure in the braking system. Over time, however, the seals wear down. They can crack or break, causing brake fluid leaks. 

Brake Service in Littleton, CO

Spongy brakes should be taken seriously. If you leave the damage sitting for too long, you could risk all-out brake failure in your Subaru. If you are looking for quality brake service and repairs in Littleton, CO, please give us a call or visit soon.