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Why Does My Car Vibrate While Driving?

Our vehicles are designed so that our drive is smooth and any shock from the road is absorbed through the suspension system. So when you start feeling that your vehicle is vibrating while on the road, you may be alarmed. If you do notice a shaking or vibration while driving, make a mental note of when it happens. Does it happen at all times while driving, or does it only happen when you reach a certain speed, like on the highway? When it happens can tell our mechanics a lot about where the issue may be stemming from. 

You may ask yourself, why does my car vibrate while driving? Here are some of the most common reasons: 

  • A tire that is out of balance or worn down
  • Bad wheel alignment
  • Bad spark plugs causing engine firing issues
  • Engine mount problems
  • Bad shocks or struts
  • Suspension system issues

While driving with a vibrating vehicle may be something that you can tolerate, it is important to have your vehicle inspected by the professionals here at Pro Auto Care at the first sign of something amiss. The reason is, the cause of the vibrating could progress if ignored and cause you even more issues.

Our experts will listen to your concerns and when the problem occurs to better understand the situation at hand. Then, we will perform a full visual inspection of your vehicle to pinpoint the cause of your vehicle vibrating on the road. We will provide you with a solution and get you back on the road driving smoothly again. 

Give us a call here at Pro Auto Care for car vibrating repair or make an appointment via our online appointment form today!