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Why Should You Look for ASE-Certified Technicians?

At Pro Auto Care, we employ and are proud of our highly skilled ASE-certified technicians. The letters "ASE" aren't just letters to slap on our website, but it's an accomplishment of a certification. It takes a considerable amount of time and dedication for an individual to study for this certification to become a professional mechanic. 


Why Should ASE Certification Matter?

The letters in ASE stand for Automotive Service Excellence, and it has been a nationally recognized credential since the 70s. This examination was provided and put in place to improve vehicle repair and craftsmanship quality with a series of tests. ASE holds the most prestige as a gold standard to this day.


Choosing a shop to do your automotive repairs and services is an important decision. Not only should you be treated with respect and care, but you should feel comfortable leaving your vehicle in a good pair of hands. Many automotive shops will only require that their technicians have a high school diploma, and ASE certification is optional. ASE Certifications require a test and at least two years of on-the-job practice. Some people can replace some experience with comparable education. Once a person passes the examination, they still have to get recertified every five years. These tests are not easy, considering the automotive industry is constantly evolving. Consequently, technicians must stay up to date on all the changes and techniques to repair various types of cars. Once a mechanic receives their ASE certification, they become more competitive in the employment market.


As a consumer, you should always do your research before making a purchase decision, including a car repair service. Certified ASE technicians can show the level of quality and service you can expect to receive. We are proud to have an ASE-certified team at Pro Auto Care. For all your automotive maintenance and repair needs, you can trust us to do the job! Please give us a call or visit today.