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Your A/C May Need A Recharge


Even though summer has ended, your car’s A/C is still an essential component to keeping your car cabin cool during warm fall days. If your air conditioning system isn’t properly working, the temperatures inside your vehicle can feel like an oven. A struggling A/C doesn’t always indicate a major repair; the solution may be a more straightforward fix than you expect. An air conditioning recharge is a forgotten gem that can give your a/c system a kick in the pants. Pro Auto Care here in Denver is the automotive air conditioning experts. We want nothing more than to keep you cruising comfortably into winter.

If the air blowing from your car vents feels just as hot as the air outside, it may be time for an A/C recharge. The air conditioning system uses coolant to reduce the air’s temperature. An A/C recharge service is a common fix that consists of adding additional refrigerants to the A/C system to help chill the ventilated air. It also lowers the cabin temperature. While adding a bit of coolant sounds like a reasonably simple task, it’s one not to underestimate. Will a splash of additional coolant blow a winter storm into your car cabin? No, it won’t. Your vehicle’s coolant is secured in the airtight coolant system. If the coolant levels are low, it may be an indication of a leak.  

Pro Auto Care will inspect your vehicle by checking for any leaks before giving you a recharge. We help you walk away with the peace of mind that your A/C recharge isn’t a temporary fix or a repair bill waiting to happen. The average joe can pick up a jug of refrigerant and start pouring; however, it is possible to overfill. Our automotive industry experts ensure the proper amount of coolant is added to prevent your vehicle’s compressor from being overfilled and damaged. A damaged compressor can be easily avoided with the right service. 

If you’re A/C is blowing hot during a random Denver heatwave, bring it into Pro Auto Care. We’d be happy to help! Click here to schedule an appointmentor give us a call at 303-758-7767.