Timing Belt Repair & Service in Denver & Littleton

The job of your vehicle’s timing belt is to ensure that your car’s engine runs efficiently and smoothly. At Pro Auto Care in Denver and Littleton, CO, we are the trusted choice for timing belt experts and repair in the Denver metro area. Our technicians are ASE Master certified and can assist with any timing belt service or repair your vehicle may need. 

At our family-owned and operated Denver timing belt repair shop, we work on all makes and models of vehicles. Our experts can repair a broken timing belt but our shops also take care of your recommend regular vehicle inspections to prevent belt snaps from occurring to ensure your safety on the road. 

Timing belts naturally wear down over time, which is why they are recommended to be replaced at certain intervals by your vehicle’s manufacturer. If your timing belt isn’t replaced, it can lead to a snapped belt which can cause total vehicle failure. The condition of your vehicle’s belt can’t always be detected by the naked eye, which is why never missing a recommended timing belt replacement is so important here at our Littleton timing belt expert repair shop. 

Signs you may need a timing belt replacement include: 

  •      Age of vehicle and of belt on the engine
  •      Engine failure
  •      Grinding noises while driving
  •      Lack of power
  •      Vibrating while driving 
  •      Vehicle “slipping”

We recommend bringing your vehicle into our shop as soon as you notice any of the symptoms listed above. Ignoring the warning signs of a bad timing belt can cause the belt to snap or break, which can actually render your vehicle undrivable. Our mechanics will take care of your vehicle and remind you of when your next timing belt replacement is due. 

For the experts in timing belt repair in the Denver metro area, bring your vehicle into Pro Auto Care today.