Women's Wednesdays: Women & Auto Repair

At Pro Auto Care, we know how difficult and intimidating it can be, to walk into an Auto Repair shop. But, we want to change that!

What makes our shops different, is our approach to ALL customers. We want everyone that walks through the door(s) of our Littleton, CO and Denver, CO shop, to feel as if they are being welcomed into their mother's home. Our service writers are here to help understand your concerns or issues; while fully detailing the repair(s) or service(s) and our diagnostics process, to answer any questions you may have. 

The staff at Pro Auto Care takes pride in creating real relationships with our customers. We are happy to see women eager to know more about the workings of their vehicles. Whether it's questioning "what should be contained in a roadside emergency kit?" or "at what point does a tire become unsafe?" and "how to safely change a flat tire?" or "jump-start a dead battery?". With any visit, we will walk through the process and explain, in simple terms, what SHOULD be done, what NEEDS to be done, and what CAN wait. Ultimately, when you leave our shop(s), we want you to confidently know what it is that you paid for, what exactly was performed on your vehicle, and what may be due soon, educating and informing you in the process.

We think women deserve a repair shop they can fully trust. Give us a call at our Denver location or our Littleton location or schedule your next visit today!


Ladies Day | Pro Auto Care

We are now offering $12.00 OFF any Oil Change Service for women when they walk in or schedule an Oil Change for a Wednesday. Make an appointment online, or give us a call today. (If deciding to "walk-in", please allow for longer wait times).

Oil Change Service includes: Flushing of current oil, disposal of old oil, fill up with fresh oil (whatever is recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer), and the replacement of your Oil Filter.

Cannot combine this special with any other offer. Must present coupon when dropping off your vehicle. Only valid on Wednesdays; for women.